Stand Up For Truth event in Eden Prairie, MN

Here's a 12 minute summary video by Bill Sorem from the event:

And a full length video of the event:

Another video from the event (Part 1):

Video from the event (Part 2):


"William Binney stands up for truth about NSA's bulk collection of non-relevant data on Americans."

Wednesday, June 3 - 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Bent Creek Golf Club, 14490 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie, MN.

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William Binney will engage in a discussion with radio host Tony Stiles ( and others as to what we can do to remedy the problem.  Come hear this timely discussion given that the metadata collection provision in the Patriot Act---that has been unanimously held by the 2nd Circuit to be illegal as secretly interpreted---sunsets on June 1st!