Chalkupy to Stand Up For Truth in Los Angeles

Chalkupy LA June 6It's BACK! Chalkupy is coming back to LA on Saturday, June 6th at 1pm. Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles, the corner of W 6th and S Olive. 

It will take about 3 hours to complete. We provide gloves and suits for people to wear, info sheets on the topic and soap and water to wash up with. 

The theme is Stand Up For Truth! We need to help support whistleblowers as they face the most hostile environment for truth this country has ever seen. 

This chalk is tied in with a whole series of events for "Stand up for Truth" week June 1-7. 

Here is the artwork. We will map it to the pavers. That is what the lines you see there are.

It's easy to do and we'll show you how. If you think you are a good artist, you can work on the harder parts, if not, you can fill in.

For the latest updates, please follow us on twitter @Chalkupy or facebook right before the event begins.

Here is an artist's conception of what it might look like finished: